Cosita with faceup #1

Cosita with faceup #1

Name: Cosita 
Size: 1/6
Wig: 6 inch
Eyes: 14 mm
Price:  325 euros
 Status: SOLD

-Complete nude doll (body + head) with faceup (shown in pictures). Don't include eyelashes.
-Eyes shown in pictures
-Certificate of authenticity

Please, be sure you understand my dolls are handmade before order, they could have small imperfections or can be not completely symmetrical. 
Colors can be slightly different due to monitor settings.
Don't forget see entire description and watch all the pictures before ordering. 

You can find posability and comparison with standar 1/6 doll photos clicking HERE.

Heigh: 23,3 cm
Neck circumference: 6 cm
Shoulders: 6,3 cm
Waist: 11,3 cm
Hips: 15,5 cm
Thigh circumference: 9,8 cm
Feet: 3,7 cm

Cosita is a bit smaller than standar 1/6 dolls. In this photos she's wearing YoSD outfits from Volks and handmade outfits for cherishdoll 1/6, but It's probably that most of standard YoSD outfits don't fit her well. Cositan can wear small YoSD shoes, but fits her better with socks.

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