1. How can I order one of your BJD ?
    You can mail me for place your order when I have stock or preorder is open.
    Please, read "How to Order" section for more info ^^
  2. Which skin colours are available?
    It depends of the batch, but usually NS, WS and Tan.
  3. How many time take you to send my order?
    For stock dolls I'll ship your order 3-4 days. If you choose face-up option I need 1-2 weeks for paint your doll.
    For pre-orders average shipping time is 3-4 months.
  4. How can I pay?
    When I recive your order, I send you a mail with the total amount of your order with shipping fees and my Paypal address.
    You can pay in Euro.
  5. What shipping methods do you offer?
    For Spain: Registered mail with track number.
    For other countries: Registered mail with track number.
    I do not offer EMS because is very expensive in Spain, but if you want this shipping method, please, let me know when place your order. If you really want other shipping method I can ask the price for you.
  6. Do you offer makeup service?
    I can do the faceup for your doll, but take in mind I am an amateur makeup artist. Price for regular face-up is 25 euros.Dolls in this web are facuped by me, this is what I can do. If you want makeup for your doll, please let me know when you place your order.
    Please, take in mind I'm asthmatic, so occasionally the face-up option won't be available or can be delays in painted doll due to health issues.