Name: Patatita
Colours: Normal skin and white skin.
Size: 1/4
Wig: 7 inch
Eyes: 14 mm
Price:  100 euros 

 Status: SOLD OUT

-Blank head (no eyes or wig)
-Certificate of authenticity

I changed the factory that cast my heads, so older (Dollshe) skin colours are not available and previous resin matches do not work. New matches (click here for comparison photos)

-Normal skinFantasy Doll normal pale skin and similars
-White skinFantasy Doll white skin

Please, take in mind that colours might chance slightly between batches.
Please, be sure you understand my dolls are handmade before order, they could be not completely symmetrical, that is not considered a defect.  Don't forget to watch all the pictures and read entire description before ordering. 

Blank head (original paperclay model):

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