27 junio 2012

Miguelito in stock


Miguelitos came homefrom Korea yesterday =D 
From today, I have 6 heads in stock ready for ship in 2-3 days after payment. If you want order one, please visit "How to Order" section.
There are availables:
-3 Miguelitos in Oriental Skin
-2 Miguelitos in Fresh Skin
-1 Miguelito in Pale Skin
You can read the information and see pictures clicking here

I also updated the comparisons section with new photos and links to DOA, please, take a look ^^

Miguelito's invasion xD

BTW, I remember you that in a few weeks preorder for Amparita and Rosita will be opened, are you ready? ^^
I will update the information about preorder on July 8th, but it will be the same that the last preorder (although you can have free shipping if you buy both heads).

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