03 abril 2013

Patatitas are coming!

Good news!! =D

Dollshe has sent PataItitas today, I hope they arrive in a week more or less.
I'll tell you as soon as they arrive ^^

Thank you very much for all your love and support! ♥

3 comentarios:

SweetNeat dijo...

I can´t wait for mine! :) I already got a body waiting for the Patatita head...

Kao-chan dijo...

I hope they arrives next week =D

I sent an email to all Patatita owners telling you that they are coming, would you please tell me if you received it? I'm having troubles sending mails and I don`t know if I sent it correctly >_<

Thank you very much and best regards, I want to see how your Patatita looks when you customize her =D

SweetNeat dijo...

Yes, I think I have got all the emails. :)

I´m really excited how she will be looking like, I have not certain vision yet (probably after seeing her irl). I´m sure I´ll spam her all around after getting her ready... :)