17 octubre 2013


As I pomised, here is a list of stock heads availables, be aware, there're only a few heads of each mold ^^
Click in each title for pics (click in "make-up name" for pics of makeuped heads)

-1 Pale skin Amparita02 with make-up "Sakura Freckles"---> 170 USD SOLD

-2 Fresh skin blank Rositas---> 150 USD each SOLD OUT
-1 Pale skin Rosita with make-up "Strawberry and Chocolate"---> 170 USD

PATATITA:--> 135 USD each
-1 Pale skin Patatita
-1 Oriental Skin Patatita

-1 Fresh skin Miguelito. Miguelito is discontinued, this is the last head. His headcap didn't fit well because a mold problem so I fixed it with little epoxy stop not visibles (until you open the head). Because of this his price is 130 USD SOLD OUT-DISCONTINUED

If you want to buy one of my heads, send me an e-mail to kao_chanita@hotmail.com with the following information:
Colour: Pale, Fresh or Oriental skin.
* Real name and address.
*If you want to pay using layaway (2 months: 50% when ordering and 50% the next month)
*If you want to pay in USD or Euro, in order to give you a exacte chance.

I will send you a confirmation e-mail with the final price (cost of the head + postage and packing costs)
*You can pay using a 2-month layaway.
*I will use registered/certificated mail for sending the heads, giving a tracking number. I won't use EMS because is too expensive in my country, but if you want other shipping method, please let me know when you place your order.
*Once the order is made and payed, it cannot be cancelled or refunded.
* For further information, take a look at the FAQs and Shop sections.
*No refunds except for wrong items.

The accepted payment methods are:
Spain: Bank Transfer or Paypal
Other Countries: Paypal

Shipping Fee:
-Spain: 5 € (registered mail)
-UE: 10 € (registered mail, takes around 3 weeks to arrives)
-Other Countries: 15 € (registered mail, takes around 3 weeks to arrives)

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