27 agosto 2014

Amparita and Patatita Pre-order IS OPEN


I changed the factory that cast my heads, so older (Dollshe) skin colours are not available and previous resin matches do not work

If you want to buy one of my heads, send me an e-mail to kao_chanita@hotmail.com with the following information:
*Mold: Patatita or Amparita (click in each name for pics and info)
Colour: Normal skin or Tan skin
* Real name and address.
*If you want to pay using layaway (2 months: 50% when ordering and 50% the next month)
*If you want to pay in USD or Euro, in order to give you a exacte chance.

I will send you a confirmation e-mail with the final price (cost of the head + postage and packing costs)


-Normal skin: Fantasy Doll normal pale skin, Swich normal skin, Mirodoll normal skin, Luts real skin (2014), April Story normal skin. I take this information from forums and Little Rebel web, so I don't see the real match in person, but since Fantasy Doll is the company that made my dolls, the match with this company would be 100%

-Tan skin: Fantasy Doll light tan skin

Please, take in mind that colours might chance slightly between batches.


*Heads will be professionally casted by Fantasy Doll. 

*Preorder period:  From September 1st to September 15th

*Preorder price will be 105 euros for Amparita and 90 euros for Patatita. When preorder time's over, price will be 115 euros for Amparita and 100 euros for Patatita. For tan skin price will be increased 9 euros.

*Payment will only be made once you receive my confirmation e-mail.

*Average shipping time will be 2-3 months from preorder closing date.

*If the order is not payed at least in 3 days after receiving the confirmation e-mail, it will be automatically cancelled.

*If a maximum number of heads is reached in before preorder closing date, I may anticipate preorder closing date.

*You can pay using a 2-month layaway.

*I will use registered/certificated mail for sending the heads, giving a tracking number. I won't use EMS because is too expensive in my country, but if you want other shipping method, please let me know when you place your order.

*Once the order is made and payed, it cannot be cancelled or refunded.

* For further information, take a look at the FAQs and Shop sections.

*No refunds except for wrong/broken items.

The accepted payment methods are:
Spain: Bank Transfer or Paypal
Other Countries: Paypal

Shipping Fee:
-Spain: 5 € (registered mail)
-UE: 10 € (registered mail, takes around 3 weeks to arrives)
-Other Countries: 15 € (registered mail, takes around 3 weeks to arrives)

If you have any doubt, I will be pleased to answer. Please, mail me to:

Thank you very much for your love and support.

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